The Number #1 Bubble Brand – Knockerball

Who is KnockerBall™  – KnockerBall™ is the first and premier Brand offering Bubble Ball, Bubble Soccer to Battle or Bump your friends. Battle in the Ball with a genuine KnockerBall™  and play Knocker Soccer™ or Bubble Soccer which is the new wacky contact sport that is so much fun, safe and above all that…sweeping the entire nation.

What is a KnockerBall™ ? – KnockerBall™ is actually a highly improved version of the historic “bubble ball” that you can find from other vendors who just import direct from China . We here at KB USA have put forth intensive product design and materials in both of our TPU and PVC balls. Shoulder straps are removable for easy cleaning and every single unit is individually tested by an independent testing facility before it leaves the production facility for one goal….to ensure the utmost safety.

KnockerBall™ or Bubble Soccer or Bubble Ball or Knocker Soccer – Battle, Ball play, which is unmatched by any other organized game out there. Think of it as part soccer, part football, part pinball and the most fun you will ever have….and it is a great workout at that. Collisions are big and indoor and outdoor play is offered and KnockerBall™ can accommodate all ages ( 4 yrs. + ) and both genders for those who want to play together, laugh together or knock each other around and please know players are not restricted to “knocker soccer”……many other games are offered which can be enjoyed…see below

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